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About Me

Hi and welcome to my website! I am Anca de Waal, I currently live in the Netherlands, I am 22 years old and I am searching for a job as (Associate) Producer in video game development.

Currently I am a student of Breda University of Applied Sciences where I study Creative Media and Game Technologies.

Check out my portfolio website and if you want to know more about me; check out the ‘About Me’ page, but if that does not answer your questions – do not hesitate to ask!

Featured Works

Below, you can find my top 3 games I have worked on in the past few years. If you want to see more details of my work in this project specifically, check out the “Games” page!

Project Exhibited

Project Exhibited Logo

My latest project, Project Exhibited, is a first-person stealth game in which you play an inventor who uses her witty gadgets to steal art from a private exhibition in a small palazzo.
The game has released on June 16 and is now playable for free on Steam.

My role in this project is Associate Producer.
The team size varies between 28 and 33, but the biggest challenge here is definitely scoping and planning, due to the game’s development lasting for an entire school year. Besides that, I also needed to take a better look into marketing, which I had no experience with.

The tasks I have been in charge of or assisted with so far for this are as following:

  • Team management
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Retrospectives
  • Build Reviews
  • Sprint Planning
  • Testing
  • Marketing
  • Community Management
Project Exhibited Release Trailer

Little Thorns

Little Thorns Poster Design

Little Thorns is a cooperative bossfighter, where players have to stack up on top of each other to throw or be thrown to the boss’s weak spots.
The game is released on itch.io for PC: (https://igad.itch.io/little-thorns).

My role in this project was Scrum Master, Product Owner substitute and I have done a little bit of QA.
It has been quite a challenge as the team was 22 people big and of course all students, including me.

For the development of this game I performed several tasks, which include:

  • Brainstorming for the concept
  • Communication Plan
  • Feature Teams
  • Collective Pipeline
  • Managed JIRA & created a Guide
  • Smoke Test
  • Contributed to the Post-Mortem
  • Team management
Little Thorns Trailer

Kitty Caller

Kitty Caller Trailer

Kitty Caller is a mobile Bullet Hell game, in which you need to collect the right letters to understand what your cat is trying to tell you and dodge hairballs and wrong letters in the process with the help of some useful pick-ups.

The assignment for this project was rather interesting and very challenging; we needed to combine the target audience of ‘Soccer Moms’ with the genre ‘Bullet Hell’. At first, this seemed impossible, but in the end it turned out quite fine.

My roles in this project were UI designer, Narrative designer, QA and ‘Audio’ Designer. The first two were roles I was not very experienced at, so I wanted to improve on them. ‘Audio’ design was something I had never done before, and the reason I call it ‘Audio’ is because I only had to make sure there were placeholders in game as we had no real audio designer and we had limited time (the duration of this project’s development was 2 weeks).

Tasks I was in charge of are:

  • User Persona
  • UI design
  • Narrative Design
  • Playtesting
  • Smoke/Build Tests
  • Bug List
  • Selection of Placeholder Audio


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